In 1956, when he was 10 years old, Clinton Jarbeau read an article in the old Liberty Magazine written by Pierre Berton.  The thrust of that article was what it took to be a successful writer.  Berton felt that the successful writer had a lot of life experience, and this article made a big impression on Clinton.

In this lifetime Clinton has had military experience, trained horses, worked on ranches and in logging operations.  He’s driven trucks, operated heavy machinery, taught high school English, raised, trained and driven harness racehorses.  He’s also written stories for radio, screenplays, and four novels, of which the most recent is The Light of the Magicians is available as an E-book on his website, 

He has also trained as a shaman-healer who has worked in that capacity for nearly twenty years and is available for consultations in that regard at  He is also publishing several articles detailing the shaman’s perspective on illness, available from time to time on the website.

Clinton Jarbeau has been studying the shamanic healing arts for thirty years, during which time he has operated a traveling practice which allowed him to learn and teach as well as heal.  He has traveled extensively, studying with shamans in the Native Cultures, Celts, Siberian healers, Sufis and the sorcerers of Central and South America.  Using what he has learned, Clinton has established an effective shamanic protocol which is broadly effective but particularly strong when dealing with clients who have been injured in traumatic accidents.  He has been instructed in the skills of shamanic diagnosis and some people regard him as a competent medical intuitive. 


His vision is to create a space where persons may both teach and learn, making as many as may possess the desire to come into contact with these techniques at a time when the only thing lacking in the standard allopathic healing model is the intent of the Spirit and the purpose of the soul.


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